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As sons of organic farmers, we were brought up with organic farming. We have taken this passion to the next level and together we have founded “WeGrowOrganic”. At “WeGrowOrganic” we grow, we pack and we sell organic open field vegetable crops from our own farms. Daily fresh from our production fields, directly to our customers throughout Europe. Growing the best organic vegetables is our passion. WeGrowOrganic, but let’s grow together!


Since 2001 we are producing organic open field vegetable crops like potato, year-round red and yellow onions, red beet, carrots and various vegetables like spinach, beans and green peas on a total area of 250 hectares. Through cooperation with local organic farmers we are able to offer a varied range of products without disturbance of supply.


The best way to experience our organic vegetables is to enjoy it fresh from the soil. After harvesting we grade and we pack on our modern facility which is equipped with advanced sorting and packing lines. We are able to serve all kinds of customers, from big-bags to 0,25-25 kg bags.


We are in daily contact with our customers and used to high service levels. With the extensive knowledge of our products and the minimum cycle times between storage and processing line, we are able to assure maximum product quality.

Wouter Snippe

I have an organic agriculture farm in Zeewolde, which is located in the heart of the Dutch organic vegetable growing area: Flevoland. Since 2001 I’m growing organic crops about 3 meters below sea level. By fresh fertile marine clay this area is perfect for growing products in a natural way without the use of chemicals. Sufficient water is always present in dry periods to be able to grow crops.

On the farm we grow yellow and red onions, potatoes, beans, peas, spelt, beets and carrots as well. Each year the crops swap their spot on the field to keep a healthy soil. We choose healthy varieties that are resistant to certain diseases.

Green energy

We have a windmill to generate green energy. The energy used by the company is generated by the solar panels which are located on the farming barns. In this way, we aim for sustainable and high-quality production of fine organic products, for now and the generations after us.

Thijs Geerse

My farm is located next to the farm of Wouter. My father switched to organic farming together with the family Snippe in 2001. After a master study Agrotechnology in Wageningen (the Netherlands) I decided to get involved in the family farm. In 2013 I succeeded my father to be the fourth generation of farmers and the second generation of organic farmers in the family.

I grow red beets, onions, potatoes, green peas, spinach, carrots and wheat. To keep a healthy rotation I cooperate with an organic dairy farmer nearby. We exchange land, feed and manure. Besides the farm I’m specialized in seeding and mechanical weeding for organic colleagues in Flevoland, because working together creates the most value for all parties involved.

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