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We Grow Organic

We Grow Organic. That is what we do and what we stand for. We are Thijs Geerse and Wouter Snippe, two organic farmers from Zeewolde in the Netherlands. Since 2001, we have been working with heart and soul to grow a wide range of organic products, from potatoes to onions and red beets to carrots. Our fertile polder soil provides them with plenty of nutrients thanks to extensive crop rotation.


The entire supply chain under one roof

What’s more, we want to deliver our products to the consumer quickly and carefully. That is why we have our own sorting company to sort, process and package our products. We also take care of our sales ourselves, through a wide European network of customers. Keeping short lines means that we know the exact quality that we offer; it helps us take swift action and work with large stocks. Therefore, we are never faced with unpleasant surprises in terms of quality and availability. At WeGrowOrganic, we keep on top of things. Our customers can count on that.


What makes us work the land with so much passion every day? We do it because we want to grow a reliable, healthy and attractive product. That is our driving force. We collaborate with mother nature and working with all her elements make us so enthusiastic about our profession.


We grow our products in Zeewolde, in the Dutch province of Flevoland. This unique province was created in 1970 through reclaiming land from the former Zuiderzee. Thus, we grow our produce on young, fertile land below sea level.


Nowadays, everyone is familiar with the term ‘organic.’ But, what is organic farming exactly? With our long years of experience, organic farming is the most natural thing in the world to us.