Sorting and packing


On site at WeGrowOrganic, we have our own company for sorting and processing potatoes and onions. In our storage facility, our modern production line prepares large volumes of potatoes and onions for transport to our customers, thus saving transportation costs. This means that we are able to work with short-term storage, our products are always fresh and we know precisely the quality of our goods.

First, our products are taken out of storage to be acclimatised and then they are graded according to size and quality. After this process, we pack the products in various types of packaging before delivery to our customers. The production line has been designed to keep product damage to a bare minimum. When there is enough sunlight, the line runs on self-generated solar energy. It goes without saying that our sorting company only works with organic products.


  • Unpackaged transport by lorry
  • Big bags (1,000 kg – 1,250 kg)
  • Net bag 20 kg
  • Net bag 10 kg
  • Net bag 5 kg
  • Small, labelled packs from 300g – 2 kg
  • Case or box