Mission and Vision


Thanks to good cooperation with colleague growers in the Netherlands, Europe, Egypt and New Zealand, we provide our customers with organic produce all year round. Together, we make sure that the market keeps on growing. Our mission is to offer a regular supply of reliable, high-quality organic produce for a reasonable price, with the minimum number of links between field and fork.


In Europe, there is a growing demand for organic products. At WeGrowOrganic, we aim to satisfy this growing demand without losing sight of our mission. To do this, we stick to the following principles:

  • We have a sound knowledge of the product;
  • we know product availability;
  • we save expenses by limiting the number of links in the supply chain,
  • we implement direct lines from the grower to the customer;
  • we are a reliable supplier who cultivates, processes and sells only organic products;
  • we keep the lines short to ensure efficient communication and collaboration;
  • we have an extensive network in Europe for early identification of product demand.

These are our aims, every single day. Because our customers and colleague growers share our values, we all grow together. WeGrowOrganic. Let’s grow together!